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Your New Swimming Pool, Before You Buy See it in 3D Design

The time is here; we have decided that we are going to build a new swimming pool. What should we do first?

One of the most important items to consider in today's pool market is, choose a contractor who can offer 3D design pictures of your new backyard swimming pool in the completed stage. Blue Diamond Pool and Spa has computer software that can design and show your new swimming pool, spa, water features, landscaping, planters, outdoor furniture, equipment location, outdoor kitchens and deck areas. The designs also show fencing, the house in relationship to the pool, rivers, lakes or ponds in the surrounding areas. Our 3D pictures and images show different styles and colors of tile, pool interiors and deck material. We are able to offer many different views and angles of the pool to show various shape and designs which could work on your property.

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